Johnson City 423-218-1255
Bristol 276-642-0002
Kingsport 423-343-4522
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A HUGE Difference

Johnson City 423-218-1255
Kingsport 423-343-4522
Abingdon 276-451-2332
Bristol 276-642-0002

Which do You prefer? A crew with a goal to take the time to do the job right? Or a crew with a goal to rush through your job to keep on schedule?

At A TRUE CLEAN our  goal is to take all the time necessary to clean your Carpet, Ceramic Tile, and Upholstery as clean as they can possibly be. We will schedule only 1 to 2 jobs per day so we will have plenty of time to do your job right.

 At A TRUE CLEAN, We use a proven, 7 Step, QUICK-DRY, Cleaning Process to give you the most value for your hard earned dollar.

 1.PRE-VACUUMING. We use a CRI Gold Certified Vacuum to remove dry particle soil. 80% of dirt in carpet is dry particle. If this is not removed dry it turns to mud and is much harder to remove.                          2. PRE-CONDITIONING. We apply an  environmentally friendly, “green” soil releasing agent to the fiber to release the remaining soil from the fiber.         3. GENTLE AGITATION. Your carpet is brushed by hand to make sure the pre-conditioner reaches around each fiber.                                                               4. DEEP SOIL EXTRACTION. Our POWERFUL TRUCK MOUNTED SYSTEM will remove the pre-conditioner and soil from your carpet leaving it soft and residue free.     5. POST SPOTTING. We go back over the carpet and look for spots that need more attention.

6. EXTRA DRYING STROKES. We will spend extra time removing water and dirt from your carpet so it dries FAST!This step is very important as it makes the carpet dry much faster so you can use it much sooner.

7. AIR MOVERS. When we finish a room, we will set drying equipment in place to dry the carpet quickly. 


 This attention to detail takes time to accomplish and adds more value to your cleaning job. It is quite possible that your flooring will remain clean longer because more soil is removed with our slower process. This is one of those situations where a little more money spent now on a superior service can actually save you money in the long run.  

                     Quickly Steamers

( Low Price Carpet Cleaners)

They will schedule up to 6 jobs a day per crew. It is impossible to take the time to do the job right with this kind of time table



 1.NO PRE-VACUUMING. They falsely believe they can get by without this very important step. They probably don't even have a vacuum on the truck, much less a CRI Gold Certified unit.

2 NO PRE-CONDITIONING. They don’t have time to do this very important step.

3. NO AGITATION. They did not apply pre-conditioner so there is nothing to brush in.

4. This is where their method starts. They have the Truck Mount System, but to speed up the process, they add a strong chemical emulsifier to the steam. This emulsifier leaves a lot of soil attracting residue, SO YOUR CARPETS  RE-SOIL REAL FAST.

5. POST SPOTTING. No time for this. If it   doesn’t come out with the steam, SORRY, it must be permanent!

6. EXTRA DRYING STROKES. This takes too much time and would make them late for their next appointment.

7.  AIR MOVERS. They are in and out so fast the air movers, if they use them at all, don’t have time to be effective.

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