Johnson City 423-218-1255
Bristol 276-642-0002
Kingsport 423-343-4522
Abingdon 276-451-2332

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Johnson City 423-218-1255
Kingsport 423-343-4522
Abingdon 276-451-2332
Bristol 276-642-0002

  • Expert Water Damage Restoration, Carpet,Upholstery, & Tile and Grout Cleaning for Bristol, Abingdon, Kingsport, Johnson City, Gray, Elizabethton and surrounding areas.

    Choosing a cleaning firm to perform work in your home or business is not an easy or fun decision. After all, whether it is your home or place of business, you have worked hard to create a safe, clean and nurturing environment for your family. The last thing that you want if for some unknown, unruly cleaning technician to come into your home and make you feel emotionally hostage in your own home.

    Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners come 'a-dime-a-dozen'. If you are looking for just anybody, all you have to do is open the yellow pages, and point your finger at the HUNDREDS of 'cleaning' firms around. On the other hand, if you are looking for a cleaning company that is

    • Honest,
    • Dependable,
    • Cares about the results of the work performed,
    • Treats you and your home/business with respect,
    • and on top of this...DEMANDS QUALITY

    ...then A TRUE CLEAN is for you.

    Our 6 Point Oath that will Absolutely Have You RAVING about Your Cleaning Experience With Us:

    1. Respect: We understand that we are a guest in your home. We treat everybody and everything on your property with the due respect that you would expect any guest to have.
    2. Protection of Property: From furniture pads to wall corner protectors, we will do everything within our power to protect your home and the property inside. You take great pride in your home and the furnishing inside...We take great pride in protecting your home and the furnishing inside.
    3. Honesty in Pricing: You can bet your bottom dollar that before any work is performed, you will have a solid, written price quote without any hidden charges.
    4. Trust & Safety: All of our technicians who arrive at your door will be uniformed, will have received a thorough background check and are all properly trained in safe and effective cleaning techniques. We have placed our associates through the "paces" so that you don't have to.
    5. Peace-of-Mind: For any possible reason that an accident may occur, you can be rest assured that it will be taken care of. A TRUE CLEAN is insured for 1 million dollars (much higher than required by law) so that we can ensure your piece-of-mind.
    6. No Fine Print, No Gimmick Guarantee: If we wanted a two page guarantee with stipulations, word-play and loop-holes, we would have become lawyers. All that we want here at A TRUE CLEAN is to make you over-joyed by the experience that you have with us. If you are not absolutely thrilled by the service provided to you, just let us know and we will stay and clean until you are happy with our work.


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